Jaimal Kordes

Mariel McLoney

Clara Todoroff

Elizabeth Kordes

Dawn Wentworth

Past Show

September/October 2010


Studio Artists Exhibit Animal Impressions

The Cheri Blackerby Gallery hosted a group show of artwork inspired by the animal kingdom through the months of September and October. Paintings, drawings, mosaics and sculptures created by almost thirty Studio artists inhabited an environment tailored to create an ambience of the natural world. Wild Life was a theme chosen by the Studio artists through voting on a list of possible shows created by the artists over the course of the last year.

In addition to the show in the gallery, there was a performance of "Animal of All Sorts", a short dramatic presentation written and directed by Studio artist Cicely Ames. The "poetic play" was performed by Studio artists Allen Cassidy, Sarah Chamberlin, Jaimal Kordes, Dawn Wentworth, Elizabeth Kordes, and Cicely Ames.


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