Past Shows

The Cheri Blackerby Gallery showcases the work of Studio Artists. It has a new show every other month.

Openings are always held on the first Saturday of each month from 6pm - 9pm for Arts Alive, a local monthly celebration sponsored by the Galleries and other businesses of Old Town, located on the waterfront of Eureka CA.

You can find the Cheri Blackerby Gallery at 272 C Street on the corner of 3rd and C Streets in Old Town. You may contact the gallery at (707) 443-1428

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Past Show

EXPERIMENTAL: Through the Eyes of an Artist

May/June 2012


Dawn Wentworth is one of the most experimental artists at a studio full of experimental artists.  She is always discovering original and creative uses for materials not usually considered for artwork.  This show exhibits paintings, mosaics and sculptures that often blur the line between mediums.