Past Show

May/June 2010



On Saturday, May 1st, the Cheri Blackerby Gallery presented "Connecting to the Soul of My Art". This show was a great cross section of the art produced by Jaimal Kordes over the last five years at The Studio and included paintings, drawings, mosaics and ceramics. The subject of Jaimal's art includes nature, birds, flowers and the human figure.  The reopened in June and continued for another month. There was a reception for the artist at the opening from 6 PM to 9 PM for Arts Alive. As an added feature at both openings, Jaimal drew portraits of visitors in the gallery.

At the May opening there was also a performance by The Studio Community Choir, which Jaimal also performed in.  For the June opening, music was provided by Josephine Johnson and Friends.

Jaimal Kordes says his show is "artwork of nature, old buildings and spiritual awakening."

"I've had other shows at The Studio," says Jaimal, "but never a solo show in our gallery. I have art that I have shown before, with egrets and birds, I have other artwork that I have done at College of the Redwoods, that hasn't been shown yet.  Some of my art deals with my growth as an artist at The Studio."

"One of the best things in the show, is my little mosaic book, my first book. It is a book of short stories of each of my mosaics. I'm very excited about that." 




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