Past Show

March/April 2010


Four giant paper mache panels were created by Studio artists under the direction of guest artist Reuben Sorensen.  The panels included a giant mushroom, a carnival, a church, a tunnel through a mountain and lots of stylized cars and people. A giant flying saucer hung over one section of the installation, part of an alien invasion at a drive-in theater.



In addition to the four panels on display in the gallery, there were various hand made mock street and traffic signs adorning the walls. Many of them were satirical in nature.

A fun and notable feature of the drive-in was a tiny movie that was actually showing on its screen. “Drive-In Movie” combined multiple stories generated and acted in by some of the artists who made the panels. They created costumes and performed in front of a blue screen. Their moving images were then combined with photographs and video footage of the model world.


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