Elizabeth Kordes

Elizabeth Kordes "Healing Hands"


Jerry Spaulding

Jerry Spaulding


Ken Waldvogel  "Muchos Colores Y Formas"

Ken Waldvogel

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Past Show

March/April 2009


Jerry Spaulding, Elizabeth Kordes and Ken Waldvogel are showing paintings and drawings at the Cheri Blackerby Gallery for a second month. Three parallel approaches to abstract art are exhibited in this show. Colorful patterns made with paint, markers and gel pens fill the gallery with a bright, energetic atmosphere that feels festive.



Elizabeth Kordes makes beautiful patterns using well chosen colors and shapes. She often

incorporates outlines of her hands into her art as well. Elizabeth comes from a very creative

family. Her brother, Jaimal Kordes, also is also a Studio artist. Her sister, Lina Johari, is an

artist who shows art through The Four Paths Gallery in Eureka.

Elizabeth's goal at The Studio is to develop her drawing skills. Elizabeth says she likes doing

art because it fills her need for productive use of her time.


Jerry Spaulding’s marker drawings often resemble stained glass art, with strong geometrical

outlines and harmonious color combinations. Jerry is very prolific and his endless variations

on a basic approach can lead to quite different results when seen side by side.

Asked why he makes artwork, Jerry looks like he has been asked why he breathes. “I like art!”

Jerry says with an expression that seems to imply he cannot imagine living without it.


Ken Waldvogel is constantly exploring different mediums and approaches to self expression.

The artwork in this show exhibits his abstract paintings.

Relatively new to making artwork, Ken sees himself as an artist who is interested in developing

his talents and increasing his visibility in the local art community. Ken says “Art shows people’s personalities.”


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