Ceramic sculpture by Betty Kuhnel

Painting by Betty Kuhnel

Past Show

Betty’s Banquet

December 2007/January 2008

Betty’s Banquet showBetty Kuhnel has made many ceramic sculptures and paintings of food over a period of two years. At Betty’s Banquet she presented her impressionistic take on American food culture. The foods Kuhnel chose to create were based on her personal taste. Ms. Kuhnel got the inspiration for her Banquet one day while she was making a ceramic piece of fruit, a pear. A teacher made the comment that it would be great to see a whole table of ceramic foods, launching Betty on a two year ceramic and acrylic food whirlwind.

Betty has always had a sense of humor about almost everything she does and this project has always had a humorous side to it. The paintings on the wall boldly declared that they were still lifes, quite literally by making the words “The Still Life of...” a prominent part of the compositions. The bacon cheese burger sculpture was so tall and the bacon sticks out so far it becomes a cartoon cheese burger. Kuhnel gets her inspiration from things that are alive, that you can eat. Betty said she wants her sculptures to look real, to fool people looking at them. the gallery.

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