Past Show

August / September 2008


Ezmarelda the Fortune Teller, Cobrilla the Snake Charmer and Beardra the Bearded Lady were just a few of the colorful characters that inhabited the side show performance installation that was part of The Carnival, the title of this show, at The Studio / Cheri Blackerby Gallery. Other characters inhabiting the mock carnival environment included a Magician, a Lion King and Knifey the knife thrower.

These and other characters were created by The Studio drama class, along with tents, costumes and props. The performance was interactive and involved the audience in a make believe world of mysterious Carnival people who transformed into scary characters at night. The installation was be in The Studio multi purpose room.

At the Cheri Blackerby Gallery next door, there was a display of Carnival inspired artwork created by almost all the artists who work at The Studio. Strange faces and half human animals, both painted and sculpted, filled the gallery. The gallery was decorated in a fashion to suggest a circus atmosphere.

Dawn Surf 

Helena's Couple


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