Art by Erica Behler

Art by Gerri Sadler

Past Show


June/July 2007

Art by Gerri SadlerThis was a showing of the paintings and drawings by Gerri Sadler and Erica Behler.

Ms. Sadler is a veteran Studio artist who has been creating wonderfully animated acrylic paintings of the people in her world at a prolific rate for years. Her subjects include people from her life as well as
historical figures and celebrities. Gerri Sadler’s energetic painting style could almost be described as
“evocative impressionism”. Dabs of paint create the illusion of a belt buckle on Santa’s suit or a fish in the mouth of a bear. Numerous, charged personalities stare out at you from vaguely defined environments.

Ms. Behler has produced a series of beautiful abstract designs, executed in colored pencil. Erica
refers to these designs as “puzzle pictures”. Many were created in anticipation of her show. Erica
Behler says that the puzzle-like patterns in her drawings are inspired by all the times she watched
her sister working on puzzles. Behler has been making art for about ten years, mostly at school.

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