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Past Show


April/May 2008

Current show, The originals

In May 1997, The Studio was created to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for artists with a wide variety of disabilities. For the months of April and May 2008, the Cheri Blackerby Gallery proudly celebrated the work of nine artists who started coming to The Studio that first year and were still here 11 years later. This show included both recent works and a retrospective of the art created by these Studio veterans.

Art by LindaLisa Alexander, Cheri Blackerby, Mary Galletti, Mike Hedlund, ABH, Henry Schafer, Iris Smith, Linda Turley, Mark Williiams, and Soodie Whitaker. These are the names of people who have been coming to The Studio at least once every week for longer than even any of the teacher/facilitators who assist them. Over the years every one of them has labored to express their unique visions of the world and their place in it.



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