Art by Rahner

Pottery by Cannady

Past Show


February/March 2008

Rahner and Cannady showBoth Pablo Rahner and Sean Cannady are Studio artists who mostly focus on one medium.

Pablo has been at The Studio for about seven years. During this time, he has painted prolifically in a consistent and personalized style. Pablo's work resembles traditional Chinese painting styles, with an emphasis on the brush stroke. He has compiled a catalog of symbols of natural and man-made objects, which are then placed in various combinations in each of his paintings.

Sean began throwing pottery while he was in high school. Much of the pottery in his show comes from this period. The Studio does not have a pottery wheel, so the vases and pots produced by Sean since he joined a year ago are hand-built. The style of his thrown pots is traditional and they show a strong sense of proportion, symmetry and solid glazing technique. His hand-built ceramics show an organic approach and brighter coloring, expressing a more personal character.

Pablo's bright and energetic paintings wallpapered the gallery. Sean's more traditional pottery provide an anchoring counterpoint.

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