Past News


May 2015


Two Studio artists, Chis Johnson and Christine Bietz enter a poster contest.


October 2014


After weeks of rehearsals, the THRILLER dance workshop culminated into a performance and music video, ZOMBIE WALK!


March - October 2014

The Studio Raffle

The Studio will host an art raffle in the Betty Kuhnel Gift Shop, each month for Arts Alive!


January 2014

The Landscape of Travel

Old Town Art Gallery Exhibition featuring the work of Helen Elliott, Deanna Huse, Bill Ruebenack, and Jim Wilson.


August / September 2013

Studio artists exhibit drawings, paintings, mosaics, ceramics, and sculpture at the

annual Humboldt County Fair Art Exhibition.


June / July 2013

The Studio Harmonies, The Studio's official band, plans their debut performance at the June Arts Alive at The Cheri Blackerby Gallery.


March / April 2013

The Studio creates a band, The Studio Harmonies. Studio artists contribute artwork to CSA, Community Supported Art.


January / February 2013

Studio artists display as guest artists at annual Old Town Art Gallery show.


November / December 2012

Studio artists become pen pals with Full Life program in Portland Oregon. Food For People mural completed and installed.



September / October 2012

Guest artist Joan Rosko teaches fabric sculpture workshop. Helena Williams represents The Studio at Art Enables invitational show in Washington DC.





July / August 2012

Pottery wheel classes now offered at The Studio. Two new Studio teachers, Darren Dunn and Jessica Hinze, welcomed aboard.


April / May / June 2012

Drama class performs "New Work" at June Arts Alive! Newly formed singing group, "The Studio Harmonies" serenade gallery at April Arts Alive!


November / December / January 2012

Soodie Whitaker's Washington D.C. show, Helen Elliott, Mark Williams, Jim Wilson, Iris Smith solo shows, the box, To The Toon Of


August / September / October 2011

2011 Studio Film Festival, Humboldt County Fair, Helen Elliot solo show, Mariel McLoney solo show, the box, To The Toon Of


May / June / July 2011

Two Left Feet dance performance, Pablo Rahner show in Long Beach, the box, Gerri Sadler Solo show, To The Toon Of


January / February 2011

Old Town Show, Dance Projec,t Allen Cassidy Solo Show, the box, To The Toon Of..., Betty Kuhnel Show, the box, To The Toon Of


October / November / December 2010

Cicely Ames premiers play, Art Slam, Studio Community Choir, Protest Ornaments


September 2010

Field trip to Arcata, HCAR Picnic, Heidi Wilson show, John Taylor Show, the box


July / August 2010

Culinary Arts Class, Betty Kuhnel's art in Manhattan, Jim Wilson solo show, the box


May / June 2010

Trixie goes to Sacramento, new Studio tee shirt, Picnic at Patrick's Point, Linda Turley solo show, the box


March / April 2010

Paper Making, Fabric Workshop, Bowling Tournament, Stand up Comedians, Allen Cassidy show, Dawn Wentworth show, Helena Williams show, The Box


January / February 2010

Filming begins on Panel Project Movie, The Golden Birthdays plays for Arts Alive, Gerri Sadler has show, the box


December 2009

Drama Class Cabaret: "Trash Unzipped", Outside Shows, The Box


October / November 2009

Drama Class Cabaret: "Respect Your Trash In The Real World" Reuben Sorensen Project Progress Report, Outside Shows, The Box


August / September 2009

Rally, Guest Artists: Ashley Hudson, Reuben Sorensen, Outside Shows: Adam Wilson, Jim Wilson, The Box


June/July 2009

Video Workshop On Location, Moses Brown / Betty Kuhnel Show, The Box


April / May 2009

San Francisco Trip, Art Slam, Record Cover Project, Brown / Kuhnel show, The Box


February / March 2009

The Thing That Saves Us Cabaret, Iris Smith at Has Beans, San Francisco Disability Arts Festival, The Box

January 2009

6 artists Show, New Computer, Choir News, The Box

December 2008

The Studio Holiday Sale, Puppet Show,  Gallery Workshop, The Box


October 2008

The Studio Film Festival, Ferndale County Fair Winners, Report on People First Conference, The Box