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Guest Artist Joan Rosko Teaches Fabric Workshop at The Studio



Guest artist, Joan Rosko, generously donated her time and materials to teach a fabric workshop at The Studio. Joan showed Studio artists how to create fabric sculptures using a special medium called Paverpol. Artists compared working with the nontoxic, glue-like substance similar to the process of creating paper mache. After the medium hardens artists have a permanent sculpture created from fabric. These pieces will be featured in The Studio's upcoming fabric show at the Cheri Blackerby Gallery in November/ December 2012.


Helena William's Artwork on Display at Art Enables Show in Washington DC

The Studio is proud to announce Helena Williams will be represented in the annual Art Enables invitational show in Washington DC, "Outsider Art Inside the Beltway". Helena's piece, "The Angel" will be on display at the Off Rhode Studio, 2204 Rhode Island Avenue, NE, Washington DC.  The show opens October 13th with a festive reception and runs through October 27th. Congratulations to Helena for being a part of this exclusive show.



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