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Moses Brown and Betty Kuhnel Show Paintings At Northtown Books

Starting on Arts Arcata night, Friday, April 17, Northtown Books, located at 451 H St. in Arcata, will be displaying paintings by Moses Brown and Betty Kuhnel.

"City Of Falling Waters"

by Moses Brown

"Owl Party" by Betty Kuhnel





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Actually I was raised by a single mom. That's why I’m so independent. My mom. She tried to make her new single parent life with me and my brother in tow. At one point my mom got remarried and there were 4 of us living in a ranch style house. She told me what not to do, like putting a bunch of money into the stock market. That's what her actions taught me. And now we pay the tax man on time. My mom deserves a medal for raising all 4 kids by herself, with a little help from my stepdad.



On Tuesday, May 12th, the Hands On Video Workshop took a field trip to Sequoia Park in Eureka. A film crew, actors and teachers spent the day videotaping some scenes for Betty Kuhnel’s newest short film, Save The Sorcerer. it is a fantasy about a wizard who gets turned into a werewolf and then is saved by a former adversary
Eleven Studio artists went on the trip. Some of them ran the camera. The actors donned costumes and played the parts of witches, werewolves and angry villagers. After the filming was done, everyone ate lunch. Then everybody rode back to The Studio on the city bus.




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