Gerri Sadler Has Art Showing At Engineering Company

Acrylic paintings by Gerri Sadler will be on display at SHN Consulting Engineers and Geologists, Inc. for January and February. SHN is located at12 W. Wabash Ave. in Eureka.

the box

A long time ago, back in 1976, my Grandma wore a wig over her hair. One day she was traveling with my family to go to her son's (my dad's) college graduation at UCLA.  We were all in the car and my Grandpa was driving on the LA freeway and it was hot!  All the windows were rolled down. Then all of a sudden, my Grandma's wig flew out the window! So then my Grandpa had to pull over and stop along side of the road, get out of the car and look for the wig.  He couldn't find it, so he got back in the car and away we went. About 10 minutes later everyone hears Mariel saying, "Here it is! I'm sitting on it!"

by Mariel McLoney


January/February 2010


For the last half of 2009, Studio artists have been working with guest artist Reuben Sorensen creating four paper mache panels that connect together and make a miniature town. This project will be shown in the Cheri Blackerby Gallery later this year. Before that, the panels will form a set for stop motion and green screen videos. Several Studio artists are writing scripts for short films which will also be shown at the opening.

Last week, these scripts went into production. Every Wednesday for he next two months, Ben and John are working all day with Studio artist on these movies. Everyone involved has been having a great time.




A pop dance group on tour from Chicago were in the neighborhood made a detour to The Studio on Friday, January 15th.  The Golden Birthdays played in the multipurpose room for about ninety minutes.  Their electronic pop sounds filled the air, causing many people to break out in dance.





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