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Artist Mark WilliamsMark Williams

Mark Williams is a Humboldt County native who has been an artist at The Studio since it's inception.

He is an avid nature lover and this is reflected in much of the art that he makes. Mark’s favorite subjects in painting and drawing are his friends, trees, (Mark can name most types of trees when he sees them) and Jesus.

In his paintings, the weather is of some importance to him, as is reflected in the angles that his trees are standing and the wind speed numbers which are almost always present along the edges. This is a representation of how hard the wind is blowing. In big winds the trees are leaning close to the ground and the numbers are high.

Mark also makes mosaics and stepping stones, which have become some of the most coveted and popular art pieces made at The Studio.

2013 The Deep Blue
2010 "Mark Williams & Ryan Stoltz"

2013 HCAR Transportation Office
2011 Humboldt County Fair
2011 Northtown Books, Arcata, CA
2011 Old Town Gallery, Eureka, CA
2010 Humboldt County Fair
2010 "Art N' Craft Show" College of the Redwoods
2008 Hot Brews, Fortuna, CA

2010 3rd Place in Painting,
Sackcloth Gallery Award

Artist Work Artist Work