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Artist Nichole McKinneyNichole McKinney

Nichole McKinney is one of the Studio's newest artists! Welcome, Nichole!

Nichole McKinney is an artist who was born in Eureka. She started at the Studio in the Spring of 2014, and has been enthusiastically exploring a diverse range of media, including ceramics, paper mache sculpture, mosaics, painting, and knitting.

Nichole is spontaneous in choosing her subject matter, but finds herself drawn to "cute stuff" like flowers and teapots.

2016 New Year, New Vision
2015 Now Playing: Art Inspired by Movies
2015 The Big Picture
2015 Flora and Fauna
2014 The Studio Holiday Sale
2014 How the Cookie Crumbles

2015 Humboldt County Fair
2014 Humboldt County Fair

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