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Artist Holly SepulvedaHolly Sepulveda

Holly Sepulveda is a Humboldt County native.

Holly’s journey with art began in 2009, when she first attended The Studio. She stayed only briefly, but went on to learn more about art through classes at College of the Redwoods. In 2013, Holly returned to The Studio and has been learning about and producing art ever since.

Holly primarily art mediums are drawing, painting, and music, though she has also branched out into ceramics recently. She is an active participant in the Studio band, The Gallery Beatz, where she plays guitar and does percussion.

Holly’s art is sometimes whimsical, but it is also often deeply personal. She is not afraid to address intense issues such as bullying, and she does not flinch at self-examination. Holly says of her art: “I want it to really mean something, or to make people laugh.”

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2015 Humboldt County Fair

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