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The Cheri Blackerby Gallery showcases

the work of Studio Artists. It has a new

exhibition every other month.

Openings are always held on the first Saturday of each month from 6pm - 9pm

for Arts Alive, a local monthly celebration sponsored by the galleries and other businesses of Old Town, located on the waterfront of Eureka, CA.

You can find the Cheri Blackerby Gallery at 272 C Street on the corner of 3rd and C Streets in Old Town. You may contact the gallery at (707) 443-1428

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September/October 2013

Come Travel the World

July/August 2013

The Mosaic Show

May/June 2013


March/April 2013

The Car Show

January/February 2013

Material Fabrications

November/ December 2012

The Collected Works of Betty Kuhnel

September/October 2012


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Current Exhibition

THE DEEP BLUE   Art Inspired by the Ocean

November / December 2013


     Installation View / November Arts Alive! Reception 


Fisher / Sean Cannady / Wood, Acrylic Paint, Beads            Relief / Multiple Artists / Installation View Detail


Crab Soup / Gaylord Divine / Mosaic on Wood               The Great White of the Lost Coast / Sean Murphy / Ceramic


Pirate Ship / Gerri Sadler / Watercolor on Paper               The Sea Scape / Kat Olsen / Acrylic on Canvas


Sting / Elizabeth Kordes / Ceramic Sculpture                   Tiger Shark / Lisa Green / Ceramic Sculpture



The Cheri Blackerby Gallery invites you to explore “The Deep Blue”, a group exhibition of art inspired by the ocean, featuring drawings, paintings, ceramics, mosaics, sculpture, video, and photography.

The Pacific Northwest has been shaped by the oldest, largest, deepest, and most biologically diverse body of water on the planet; and like the physical interface between the water and the land, the ocean has left a deep impression on our collective imagination. 

Beginning at the surface of the water and submerging into the deep blue, you will experience whales, sharks, stingray, starfish, octopi, seals, seacreatures, mermaids, submarines, surfboards, and seascapes as diverse in imagery and imagination as the ocean, itself.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, November 2nd and run through Wednesday, December 18, 2013.