Past Exhibitions

The Cheri Blackerby Gallery showcases

the work of Studio Artists. It has a new

exhibition every other month.

Openings are always held on the first Saturday of each month from 6pm - 9pm

for Arts Alive, a local monthly celebration sponsored by the galleries and other businesses of Old Town, located on the waterfront of Eureka, CA.

You can find the Cheri Blackerby Gallery at 272 C Street on the corner of 3rd and C Streets in Old Town. You may contact the gallery at (707) 443-1428

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January/February 2014


November/December 2013


September/October 2013

Come Travel the World

July/August 2013

The Mosaic Show

May/June 2013


March/April 2013

The Car Show

January/February 2013

Material Fabrications

November/ December 2012

The Collected Works of Betty Kuhnel

September/October 2012


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Current Exhibition

WELT WUNDER  Wonder of the World                                         CHRISTINE BIETZ

January / February 2014


My Life With Cats / Acrylic on Paper                                             The Crooked Steeple / Ceramic Sculpture


Sheep / Installation View                                              The Saggy House Fell Over / Installation View                                  


My Beautiful Mother, Maria / Acrylic on Paper                   The Mystery Lady / Acrylic on Paper 


WELT WUNDER  Wonder of the World

The Cheri Blackerby Gallery is pleased to present “Weltwunder” a solo exhibition featuring the acrylic
paintings and ceramic sculptures of German-born artist Christine Bietz.

Christine Bietz was born in Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany. Her whimsical acrylic paintings and ceramic

sculptures, rich in color and texture, embody the sunny, vibrant character of the artist.

Densely flowered landscapes are populated by cats, dogs, horses, deer and birds. Colorful scenes of
pastoral German folk life include figures in fanciful costumes and miniature trees, benches, bakeries,
churches, and houses of a German village.


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