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The HCAR Sequoia Center

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Chance 4 Change

525 2nd Street

2nd Floor Vance Building

Eureka, CA


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California Mentor Inc.

317 Third Street  Eureka, CA


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Cicely Ames

Northtown Books

957 H Street  Arcata, CA


To The Toon Of...  

by John Taylor




"We are the music makers,

and we are the dreamers of dreams."

Arthur O' Shaughnessy

Studio Harmonies Set to Perform at June Arts Alive!


The Studio Harmonies, The Studio's official band, plans their debut performance on Saturday June 1st at The Cheri Blackerby Gallery for Arts Alive! The Studio Harmonies have incorporated both electric and acoustic instruments and have written several original songs which they have been practicing in anticipation of their upcoming show. The Studio Harmonies meet every Monday and Wednesday for band practice in the gallery. Come out and support the Studio Harmonies at June's Arts Alive!



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