Ken Waldvogel

California Mentor Inc.
317 Third Street Eureka, CA

January 30 - February 25, 2014


Deanna Huse

Chance 4 Change
The Historic Vance Hotel 

525 2nd Street, 2nd Floor

Eureka, CA

February 5 - April 15, 2014



“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

                    ― Edgar Degas


Four Studio Artists Exhibit Artwork at the Old Town Art Gallery


 Crescent City / Jim Wilson                                                     Circular Fountain / Bill Ruebenack


Sage Brush / Deanna Huse                               Horse in the Desert / Helen Elliott

Helen Elliott is a native of Southern Humboldt County and has been involved in the arts since junior high school. Helen is a working artist at the Studio whose art forms include drawing, painting, ceramics and mosaics. Her paintings featured in this exhibition explore the unique desert landscapes of the Southwest.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Deanna Huse has been living in Humboldt County since 1999. An artist at the Studio since 2002, Deanna is a prolific painter. Her bright acrylic paintings have an iconic style and often include animals, houses, travel trailers, desert landscapes, and portraits of her friends. Deanna’s vibrant and cheerful personality shines through in all of her artwork.

Bill Ruebenack was born in Sebastopol and raised in Fortuna, California. He now lives in Eureka. Bill has worked in the manufacturing industry most of his life, and started attending the Studio in 2007. Working exclusively in clay, Bill says he likes to work with his hands. His ceramic fountains and mugs feature flowers, picnic tables, outhouses, and other iconography of the quintessential American road trip.

Jim Wilson spent his childhood in Oregon and has lived “all over" with his family. He settled in Eureka in 1998. Jim first experimented with painting when he started coming to the Studio in 2007. Jim likes to paint expressionistic landscapes that are often more symbolic than representational. When asked about his paintings, Jim can tell you what landmark each shape in his painting represents and shows a strong knowledge of local landscape.


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