The Cheri Blackerby Gallery showcases the artwork of Studio artists.

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of each month from 6pm - 9pm for Arts Alive, a local monthly celebration sponsored by the galleries and businesses of Old Town, located on the waterfront of Eureka.

The Cheri Blackerby Gallery

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Eureka, California

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Current Exhibition  



Colorful Kaleidoscope

Ken Waldvogel Solo Exhibition 





The Studio and Cheri Blackerby Gallery are pleased to present Colorful Kaleidoscope, a solo exhibition by Ken Waldvogel.

Colorful Kaleidoscope is the first comprehensive solo exhibition of Ken Waldvogel, representing many years of dedicated artistic practice, with an emphasis on geometric, abstract paintings.

Abstract art, like music, has an ability to convey emotional or expressive feelings and ideas without reference to representational objects. The pictorial language of geometric abstraction is characterized by simple geometric shapes in abstract space, with an emphasis on color, form, and line.

The principles of geometric abstraction can be seen in the iconic paintings of Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872–1944) and Kazimir Malevich (Russian,1878–1935). Piet Mondrian expunged all references to the real world and methodically structured pictorial space exclusively using black vertical and horizontal lines and pure geometric forms in primary colors. Kazimir Malevich created compositions of elemental forms floating in white, unstructured space, striving to achieve a higher spiritual reality through abstract art.

As a contemporary artist working in the field of geometric abstraction, Ken Waldvogel transformed the tradition into his own artistic vocabulary. Creating geometric designs with a ruler, tracing shapes onto the canvas, and using his imagination to inspire freehand compositions, Ken realized he had a natural ability with color and found his individual, personal expression. Ken says, “With art, you can express so much with color and design. I use it to show my emotion. My interpretation of color and design allows me to discover my true self.”

As he progressed, Ken said “I began to see myself as a successful artist. Art has given me a sense of pride in what I can achieve. I have a new identity as an artist, rather than a person with a disability. My artwork allows me to show people that my disability doesn’t define me.”

Ken Waldvogel views himself as an artist who is interested in developing his talents and increasing his visibility in the local art community. Ken said, “If I had not been introduced to Art, I would not have found my true calling.”


Arts Alive! Opening Receptions:

Saturday, November 7th (6 - 9pm)

Saturday, December 5th (6 - 9pm)


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