The Cheri Blackerby Gallery showcases the artwork of Studio artists.

It has a new exhibition every other month.

Openings are held on the first Saturday

of each month from 6pm - 9pm for Arts Alive, a local monthly celebration sponsored by the galleries and businesses of Old Town, located on the waterfront of Eureka.

The Cheri Blackerby Gallery

272 C Street

The corner of 3rd Street and C Street

Eureka, California

(707) 443-1428


                      Who was Cheri Blackerby?

Past Exhibitions

Colorful Kaleidoscope

November / December 2015



Now Playing: Art Inspired by Movies

September / October 2015

Flora and Fauna

July / August 2015

The Big Picture

May / June 2015

Wings Over Water

March / April 2015


January / February 2015


November / December 2014


September / October 2014


July / August 2014



May / June 2014


March / April 2014


January / February 2014


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Current Exhibition  




A Group Exhibition Celebrating our Newest Emerging Artists



                                                                                                   "Mandrill" Rachael Leal, Acrylic on Paper, 2015


"Nancy" Joe Blankenship, Ceramic, 2015                   Gallery Installation View


"The Standing Horses" Rachael Leal, Acrylic on Paper, 2015                    "Key Lime Pie Slice" Allen Martin, Ceramic, 2015

Arts Alive! Opening Receptions:

Saturday, January 2nd (6 - 9pm)

Saturday, February 6th (6 - 9pm)

In the beginning, there was a vision. Kristi Patterson imagined a place where her aunt, Cheri Blackerby, and other adults with developmental disabilities could come to express themselves artistically. The idea was to foster these unique artists in Humboldt County and to showcase their artwork in the local community.

Thanks to The Ink People, a community-based, arts and culture organization, and a generous financial donation from Patricia Powell, the dream was transformed into reality. The Studio officially opened in May of 1997 at the Manila Dunes Community Center. At first, The Studio was only open on Saturdays. The teachers volunteered their time and energy, and the art supplies came mostly from donations from the community.

As more artists joined The Studio and additional days were added, the program moved to its current location at 272 C Street in Eureka, in 2000. It became a licensed program of HCAR, Humboldt County Access and Resource Center, which is funded through the Redwood Coast Regional Center. As interest and enrollment continued to grow, new work spaces and classes were added, including Drama, Figure Drawing, Music Class, Pottery Wheel, and Video Production.

The art at The Studio is never censored or criticized, and the freedom of ideas, techniques and mediums is strongly encouraged. The Studio encourages personal growth, self-reliance, and self esteem through the creative process.

The Studio professionally markets and exhibits the artwork created by our visionary artists. The Cheri Blackerby Gallery, our on-site gallery, promotes the professional esteem of Studio artists by granting the opportunity to exhibit and sell their artwork.

Now, nearly two decades later, The Studio continues to blossom. Over the course of a week, over 60 artists, assisted by eight teachers, work at The Studio to express their unique vision of the world and their place in it.

New Year, New Vision celebrates the creative growth of The Studio and the new emerging artists in the program, who have come to define the new frontier of visionary art.

Artists in this exhibition include: Donna Albers, Joe Blankenship, Samantha Burrell, Chris Bradford, David Caylor, Sara Dory, Tawnya Costa, Wendy Dare, Angela Davenport, Felipe Gonzalez, Dennis Gormley, Ryan Grate, Chris Johnson, Rachael Leal, Eric Lee, Dale Lowtrip, Allen Martin, Reuben T. Mayes, Nichole McKinney, Tawny Morgan, Kat Olsen, Stephanie Powell, Elisabeth Roberson, and Holly Sepulveda.


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