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The Studio is a fine arts program for visionary artists.

The Studio is a place filled with light and color, where over fifty artists come to

freely express their creativity through art.

We provide a supportive and stimulating environment where our artists can express themselves using a variety of media.

The goals of The Studio are to help each person reach their highest level of artistic achievement and to encourage personal growth, self-reliance and self-esteem

through the creative process.

By professionally exhibiting and marketing

the artwork that is produced at The Studio, the program instills feelings of pride and


The art made at The Studio is never  censored or criticized, and freedom of ideas, techniques and mediums is strongly encouraged.

The freedom at The Studio is what makes

the work created here inspiring, original and exciting.

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We are located at 272 C Street in Eureka, California. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm.

We welcome visitors during our open hours.

We are funded by Redwood Coast Regional Center, sales of artwork, and community grants and donations.

The Studio is a program of Humboldt Community Access and Resource Center.

For more information, please call

707-443-1428 or send us an e-mail.


Current Exhibition                                           

MARCH / APRIL 2015      

Join us for Arts Alive!

Saturday, April 4th (6-9pm)                                                                                                                                                       

The Studio and Cheri Blackerby Gallery are pleased to present “Wings Over Water,” an exhibition of paintings, mosaics, and ceramic sculpture by Ardi Areson, Chris Johnson, Elizabeth Kordes, and Bill Ruebenack. “Wings Over Water” is home to a diverse array of winged wildlife to view and tranquil waterways to traverse.

Ardi Areson is captivated by flight, which she views as graceful and awe-inspiring. Often drawing inspiration from winged insects like butterflies and ladybugs, as well as backyard birds, Ardi creates richly-colored, handmade ceramic tiles to mosaic on wood. Ardi acknowledges the power behind the beauty, in nature. When observing the ocean, she is careful to respect the strength of the tides and enormous energy of waves.   

Chris Johnson is a bird enthusiast who enjoys studying bird behaviors, like nesting, communicating using calls and songs, mating, and courtships. Chris is a full-time artist at The Studio, which allows him the freedom to practice many art forms, including ceramic sculpture, mosaics, drawing, and painting. Chris explores the rich tradition of landscape painting as a way to challenge himself as an artist. 

The artwork of Elizabeth Kordes is inspired by her love of animals and the natural world, which features prominently in the mosaics and ceramic sculptures she creates at The Studio. Butterflies, popular in the visual arts for their brilliant colors, represent peace in Elizabeth’s work. “They are very peaceful creatures, they don’t hurt anybody.” Delicate, sensitive, and defenseless, they do not incite fear in our psyches like spiders, centipedes, or wasps. Sympathetic to the plight of animals, Elizabeth would like to focus on endangered species for her next exhibition.

Whether camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting, Bill Ruebenack is truly at home in the great outdoors. As an artist, he works exclusively in clay, and says he likes to work with his hands. His ceramic fountains and mugs feature wildflowers, picnic tables, outhouses, cabins, tee pees, and other iconography of state parks and nature reserves.

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